First week in Rome

Downtown and all around. 
I always thought it would be cool to see the Colosseum, but I never realized it would be 100 times more amazing in person. To see something soo old with so much history and that you've read about in books your whole life and seen in movies.. I liked it.

Downtown Rome from Villa Borghese

Art in the Metro

I had never seen a banana tree before... 

This is a huge beautiful park called Villa Borghese. We rode bikes through it and took a nap on the grass and people watched. 

Relationship Goals (They sat on that bench for 3 hours and laughed)

Lorenzo "Take a picture of me like this"

More banana trees

The pool we go to where you have to wear swim caps to swim for fun! Not a fan.

A room in the kids Catholic Music school. I just liked it.

I have had more Ice Cream in 5 days than I've had in my entire life. Lorenzo said Italians have Ice Cream for breakfast lunch and dinner, three scopes and cream.. I was doing no sugar when I came here.

I wanted a picture with all of us. So, after a long hot humid sweaty day in downtown rome, we took this picture. Having ice cream again..

Ciao! Sam


  1. Your photos are amazing. You and kids look great. Now I want some gelato!

  2. I can't wait to show this to Sofia and Lizzie tomorrow. So great to get a glimpse of your new life, amazing pictures!!

  3. So great to see pictures of you and where you're at! Allie told me on the way to work today that she is quite confident she could eat pasta and ice cream 3 meals/day.