Salt Lake - Los Angelos - Dusseldorf - Rome

Saying goodbye to all my family and friends has definitely been the worst part of this whole experience. Especially my little Livy. In the Dusseldorf airport I had to ask about 10 different people if they spoke English and I finally found someone and they helped me find my gate and then my gate changed THREE times. I tried to sleep on one of the benches with no one around me and when I woke up I looked up to see a lady sitting in the seat right next to my head eating peanuts and dropping the shells around me. There were about 150 other open seats. I got up and moved.. but after two 5 hour layovers and 36 hours without sleep I made it to Italy!

These were my lovely plane meals..

Dusseldorf Airport 

Flying out of Germany

This was terrifying to fly into the middle of! There was lightening all around us and it was a bumpy ride.

I was welcomed with the cutest family and a homemade dinner. This is my cute little room. With a view to die for. 

Ciao! Sam

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