Sfruz is a little village in Northern Italy in the Dolomites/Alps. This area is famous for their apples, so everywhere you look there are apples! We stayed there for about 10 days at a place called Villa Claudia for the kids summer camp. There were 50 kids running around all the time, lots of hiking, trips to the park, fantastic views and unicorns of course. Sfruz is so beautiful!

Sooo many apples! 

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, they remind me of my mom. There are thousands of them here so she's always on my mind!

I love all of the pink houses!

Runaway with me crossing? 

Being cheesy/kind of trying to take a picture of my room. 

I found this beautiful Rose garden one day when I was on a walk. Then I looked down and found this sad little dog. He lives in the rose garden.

Such a fun little park to hangout with Lavi at even though there were 5 million bees in the grass.

Surprise! More ice cream! We stopped here on our way to the library to get wifi. 

I love this library! It was so cool. 

One of my best skills in life is that I can always find cats(all animals but mostly cats)! I usually bring them home to my family so I'm sure they are happy I moved away. 

We hiked through the mountains a few times. Straight down and then straight up.. I was a little sore. 

Unicorn crossing!! This is my dream besides finding a mermaid. I never saw a unicorn though... 
Only this bear. 

Hiking through the woods then all of the sudden there is this beautiful chuch.

Then hiking back to Sfruz there is just randomly this garden and some parrots! The parrot spoke Italian to us!

Ciao! Sam


  1. How fun! This place looks fabulous - and I wish I could smell all those beautiful orchards! The colors are to die for. You look amazing. How cute all those shoes lined up on the garden fence! We are always thinking of you there! Love you <3

  2. Oh my! This place is unreal!