I would live in Verona in a heartbeat. These people live in a postcard. It's incredible. 

This is the main plaza, and this is the Verona Arena. 

We had to look at Romeo and Juliet of course.

Beautiful church with stripes all over! I love it.  

Made some friends and had breakfast in their lovely home overlooking the river. They tried to make pancakes... I will have to teach them how. 

This is Castelvecchio. We walked around the courtyard and then up on the castle walls and the bridge that crosses the river.  

The view from the bridge.

This is the Bed & Breakfast we stayed at. Way better than any hotel!  

My room

The views from my windows

This garden is amazing. 

I need someone to share my gelato with! Come visit me ;)

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  1. All so amazingly beautiful!!
    But that last picture is just mean. ;)